5/2 split: Smell this!

Five scents I like that many people don’t:

Vinegar. Reminds me of pickles, and Easter, and cleaning (the Heloise way).

Permanent marker. Not those “smells like licorice/blueberry/cinnamon” ones, but the full-on Sanfords that stink-bomb your cubicle for 15 minutes after use.

Wet cinder block walls. I’ve only noticed this after living here in Arizona, so maybe the constant sun exposure has something to do with it. (For the walls, not for me.)

Rose geraniums. Next to lavender (another scent I like), it’s pretty much the ne plus ultra in old lady fragrances. But still, you’ve got to respect a variety of flowering plant that people buy because the leaves smell good, not because of the blooms.

Line-dried sheets and towels. What makes that smell? Is it the ozone? I know it’s not fabric softener, because I leave it out of laundry loads that are going to hang-dry. Smelling this when you crawl into bed makes a day of laundry worth it. I would line-dry my sheets every day if it weren’t (a) unnecessary, and (b) so time- and water-intensive.

Two smells I’m not fond of, and most people probably never thought about:

Beer. Unless it’s cider (and then it’s not really beer). Never smell beer before drinking – it will send you straight to hard liquor.

Lilies. And not just because they remind me of funeral homes (an association that I read about long before I actually entered a funeral home). Strong, stagnant and sedentary.

WHAT SAM WORE: 10-13-09
The first time I wore this sweater vest, a woman stopped me
on the street to tell me she loved the color.
The shirt: Fitted premium cotton button-down from Gap.
The sweater: Cotton cashmere vest from Banana Republic.
The pants: Khakis from Old Navy.
(Inadvertently completing the Gap brands troika.)
The shoes: Sneakers by Skechers (bought at Last Chance for $19.99)
The scent: Molecule 01 from Aedes de Venustas, New York

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