5/2 split: Me likey!

Five things I enjoy that other people tend to dislike:

Extractions. You know what, in principle, should ruin a nice, relaxing hourlong facial? When they take a tool that looks like the spawn of a dental instrument and a spark plug gapper, then scrape it against your skin. Especially because they’re pressing hard, so any “facial disturbances” are, you know, extracted.  But it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole treatment, especially if I get to see the results. (Both in terms of nice skin and “what’d you get?”)

TendSkin. Also known as “salicylic acid,” to prevent shaving bumps. It burns like a mofo, and yet I apply it to my face and neck right after shaving. The little “ow ow ow” shudder/shiver means it’s working … right?

Listerine. The mouthwash version of #2.

Cobbler’s pose. (As illustrated here.) Apparently I have flexible hips because my knees hit the ground. There’s not even a stretch involved.

Chopping vegetables by hand. The process relaxes me. (Look, tiny cubes of potatoes and carrots for hash!) A food processor can shred stuff quickly, but give me a chef’s knife and 15 minutes and I’m happy.

And two things I’m not fond of that most other people seem to enjoy:

Wedding receptions. Except for the cake. I like wedding cake — especially white cake, white frosting, just in case you’re planning on inviting me.

Fresh tomatoes. I think it’s the texture.

WHAT SAM WORE: 10-14-09
I also wore this Monday, because I am lazy.
The shirt: Snap-collar stretch cotton from Banana Republic.
The sweater: Merino wool vest from Uniqlo.
The pants: 1969 jeans from Gap, on clearance.
The shoes: Suede sneakers from Banana Republic.
On sale, and discount, meant they were $39.
The scent: Molecule 01 again, because yesterday a co-worker
mentioned how much she liked it.

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