5/2 split: Get on it!

Five things I should be doing this lovely Sunday:

1. Organizing my life. From where I sit, I can see paperwork that should be filed, electronics that need stored, shoes that should be stacked just inches away from the floor on which they are piled. Magazines need recycled. Clothing needs folded and put away. That $100 check I won for banking online needs to be deposited.

2. Calling my mom. Like I try to do every Sunday. Mostly it’s a lot of “mmm-hmm” while she recounts the activities of the past week.

3. Buying groceries. Right now, our refrigerator has a Brita pitcher, a doorful of condiments, and like six containers of Yoplait yogurt. It’s been that way for a week. I need to get back on the cooking-at-home wagon.

4. Working out. I’m going to make this one a metaphorical “today,” because I have a cold and really don’t think that actually showing up and spreading my germs all over the place would be a welcome development. But I should be doing this more often than I have been, which is to say “never.”

5. Enjoying the sunshine. It’s 100 degrees outside! To which my brain says: “Eh. You have a cold. Stay inside and do nothing until you stop coughing. Be lazy. It’s good for you.”

And two things I am actually doing, while blogging this:

1. Laundry. The second of three loads is in the washer now. If all goes according to plan, I can line-dry most of it.

2. Moving my iTunes files to an external hard drive. I finally broke down and bought a new external hard drive; thanks to Drew’s recommendation, I went with Seagate. It turns out that transferring your music files isn’t as easy as clicking and dragging. As this post shows, there’s more involved — which I learned after I tried to do it the other way.  I am still remedying the situation, and in fact I think I did it the longer/easier way, which was to point my library to its new location, then tell iTunes, “import everything from this [the old] location.” (The trouble, as I discovered, is that the original importing date/time is now lost — everything is now dated today.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 10-18-09
I wore the same thing yesterday, too. So shoot me.
The shirt: Baltimore Colts tee by Retro Sport, from Junky Trunk in Mesa.
Originally meant as a birthday gift for Sharyn, who is from Baltimore,
but I liked it too much and kept it for myself.
The shorts: Cargos by American Eagle, from Buffalo Exchange.
The shoes: Flip-flops by Reef, on sale at Macy’s in Honolulu.
The scent: Kiehl’s body lotion in Original Musk, from Saks Fifth Avenue.
I have been dry and itchy since I got back from Hawaii.

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