5/2 split: Change it!

Five musical artists whose songs always make me change the radio station:

1. Billy Joel. Especially things from the “Movin’ Out” era. In fact, that song inspired this post.

2. Bob Seger. Basically, if I can imagine that Steven King would recommend it in one of his Entertainment Weekly columns where he refers to himself as “Uncle Stevie,” chances are good it’d land on this list.

3. Phil Collins. Just all of it.

4. Michael Jackson. When he died, I realized I only had two songs of his on my iPod: one way back from the Jackson 5, and “Scream,” which I bought the video for. I can appreciate his songs, but I don’t particularly like them.

5. Pussycat Dolls. Especially anything “featuring” one of them.

And two that continue to grow on me, although I didn’t like them to start with:
John Lennon
Neil Diamond. (Curse you, Danny Selik!)

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-05-09
Not all day – when I posted this, after the gym.
That’s right — back to Tangible Fitness!
The shirt: Athletic-fit gray V-neck tee by Mossimo, from Target.
(I know, almost as shocking as a gray sweater!)
I wish I had bought a dozen, because they don’t sell them anymore.
The shorts: Double-Dry woven shorts by Champion, from Costco.
The shoes: Max Air running shoes by Nike, from Sports Authority.

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