5/2 split: Put a ring on it

Five famous guys I’ve never met but am pretty sure I’d gay-marry. Even if they’re straight:

matt-morrison1. Matthew Morrison (left), the teacher on “Glee.” Mr. Brooks suspects that I have displaced my affection for the sweater vests onto the actor wearing them, but that is not true. Especially not after the first episode that featured him dancing. (Like Sue, however, I would like to give him a haircut. Then, perfection.)

2. Robert Gant, who played Trevor, the veterinarian boyfriend on “Caroline in the City” (when I was like, “Whoa, who’s that?!”) and then the professor boyfriend on “Queer as Folk,” which I never watched.

3. Ryan Reynolds. I’m sure Scarlett Johansson won’t mind. She’s got that D&G cosmetics campaign to keep her busy.

4. Anderson Cooper, although now that he’s getting buffer it just makes me kick myself more for not going to the gym more. (Curse you, flagging self-improvement drive!) I love him when he subs on “Regis & Kelly.”

5. Chris Isaak, the singer who had his own fake-reality series for a while, and then a talk show where guests like Stevie Nicks showed up to chat and sing. I think one of the songs from his new album is going to make my holiday disc this year.

Runners-up: Josh Hopkins, who plays the neighbor on “Cougar Town,” and rugby player Ben Cohen.

And two guys I wouldn’t marry, but would become such close friends with that they could fulfill the role of best man at the ceremony:

1. Tim Gunn. Although I suspect his rejoinders about my frequent wearing of track pants and slogan tees would place a strain on our friendship.

2. Graham Norton. How much fun would he be to hang out with?

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-7-09
The shirt: Baseball-style jersey by Bdg, from Urban Outfitters.
The pants: Same jeans as yesterday.
The shoes: Samba sneakers by Adidas, from Gart Bros.
(They have my name in them!)
The scent: Heir perfume oil
(no, not the Paris Hilton line — from the same woman who created Child)

2 responses to “5/2 split: Put a ring on it

  1. How do you watch Regis & Kelly during the day? Is there a McTV?

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