Love Is …


Five things, according to my iTunes, that love is:

battlefield1. A Battlefield. Remember this video? The dancing, the comically sweaty dude, the “Leave me alone!” She’s got a … pimp? But she’s a … fully clothed dancer? I remember, even at that impressionable young age, thinking: “Man, this is awful.” It’s hard to believe the same guy directed the video for “Beat It.”

stranger2. A Stranger. This video, on the other hand, just freaked me out. Annie Lennox keeps yanking off her wigs, I think she has phone sex in an elevator, she’s got those scary scissors, she might be a robot dude at the end … and that ventriloquist’s dummy reminds me of the nightmare that was watching “Magic” at too young an age.

satisfaction3. Gonna Save Us. Right above it, alphabetically, Macy Gray asserts that love is “gonna get you,” but I find this a little more reassuring, if robotic and repetitive. I first heard of Benny Benassi right during “Satisfaction” — particularly the video, which was on heavy rotation the first time I went to Hawaii. I was entranced by the blatant T&A&T (T&A … and tools). I actually bought the video on iTunes. I watched it on a plane once to make the lady next to me stop talking to me.

thedrug4. The Drug. Yes, I know Roxy Music sang it first — I also own that band’s version — but is it any surprise I prefer the Grace Jones version? I think some of it can be traced to my era of adolescence – I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it much at age 6, when Bryan Ferry and company debuted it — but most of it’s due to Miss Grace Jones.

5. Stronger Than Death. I have two versions of this song, too — by the original artist, The The, and a cover by Angela McCluskey, who sang for Telepopmusik on their song “Breathe.”

And two artists that, according to my iTunes, don’t know what love is:
Howard Jones.
Deee-Lite. How do you say deee-groovy? deee-lectible? This is my favorite song on “World Clique” — yes, even over “Groove Is in the Heart.” Also, I wish I had seen them in concert, although I imagine it would have been a fuller experience on some sort of psychotropic drugs. Miss Lady Kier was at Adult Swim at the Phoenix Wyndham this summer, but I was afraid to go, just in case it was sad. (Like, this. What is “Let the Right One In” doing there?!)

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-12-09
I’m going to wear the same pants all week, unless I spill something on them,
and see how long it takes someone at work to say something.
The shirt: Long-sleeved gingham button-down from J. Crew.
(With a navy blue sweater vest over it.)
The pants: Same as yesterday, and the day before that
The shoes: Leather trainers by Puma, from Nordstrom.
The scent: Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfume

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