Get some color!

Five songs in my iTunes library with titles that also are colors:

Note: I didn’t include songs with titles that include other words besides colors — “Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley or “Blue Jean” by David Bowie, for example. (But it was “Burgundy Shoes” by Patty Griffin that made me think of the theme.)

Found on Ethernautrix' photostream; click on picture to go there.

1. Blue Black” by Heather Nova. Part of my job at my my first newspaper was coding up all the Sunday columns — including Miss Manners, who, no surprise, I loved reading. A note at the end of the column requested that readers “Please use blue or blue-black ink” when addressing questions to her. How quaint that seems — now there are just e-mail links, of course. When we would get envelopes with spidery, frail script addressed to advice columnists in care of the newspaper instead of the syndicate — whose address we always printed at the end of each column — we forwarded them on, always convinced it was somebody’s grandmother’s furious rebuke to Ann Landers for telling women they could have orgasms or something.

2. Evergreen” by Faithless. This song made my holiday disc a few years back, and — spoiler alert: highlight text with your cursor if you want to read it — a solo track by singer Zoë Johnston is going to be on this year’s disc, which I am arranging right now. (OK, done with the secret. Don’t tell everyone!) And no, Jess, I do not own “Love … soft as an easy chair” “Evergreen” by Barbra Streisand. Oh, wait: Of course I do.

3. Midnight Blue” by Lou Gramm. But I do not own the Melissa Manchester track. Really.

4. “Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin. I must credit my former co-worker Crystal Petrocelli with making me listen to this song — indeed, pretty much all things Led Zep. We used to exchange mix tapes like crazy back then, trying to educate each other about the music we were convinced they should like. “This is my mellow, guitar-driven California stuff” (hers) vs. “I love superpop!” (me). I think she won.

5. Yellow” by Sheila E. There is of course the Coldplay track (which I also have) and its various covers (a few of which I also have), but I thought I’d go with something a bit more obscure. Heck, this isn’t even my favorite song off “Romance 1600” — that would be “Bedtime Story.” (Not to be confused with one of my favorite Madonna songs, which has the same title. I remember hearing that Björk, who wrote the track, basically just said, “Here, take it” so Madonna would get off her back about collaborating together.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-19-09
The sweater: In honor of the fact two of the above songs reference dark blue,  midnight-blue cotton/silk/nylon V-neck from Gap.
The shirt: V-neck tee from Old Navy.
The pants: Boot-cut khakis from Gap.
The shoes: Leather slip-ons by Rush Gordon Rush, from Nordstrom.

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