iTuned In: Another round?

Five songs in my iTunes library whose titles refer to alcoholic beverages:

Full disclosure: I thought this would be a cool way to work in “Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl,” a song that I knew would please my friend Jess (who couldn’t believe I didn’t include “Chevy Van” in my auto-themed post).  Sure, the song takes its name from a girl — a fine girl! what a good wife she would be! — but the girl was named after the drink, right? Brandy the name didn’t exist before brandy the drink. (And what sort of parents name their daughter after an alcoholic beverage, anyway?)

Then I checked my iTunes library: How could I not have “Brandy”? I started looking for other songs I was pretty sure I had — some awful, such as “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”  ($1.29, iTunes? really?!), some not-so-bad, such as “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” — and came up empty there, too. Not even “Gin and Juice.” The only brandy reference I had was …

1. “Apricot Brandy.” My Danny Gatton version is a cover of the Rhinoceros original; mine came from “Rubaiyat,” the two-disc set Elektra released to commemorate its 40th anniversary. This is by no means one of my favorite tracks on the disc (those would be “Hello I Am Your Heart” by Sara Hickman and “These Days” by 10,000 Maniacs), and in fact I’m trying to remember why I would have kept it while discarding many others. Maybe it was on one of my treadmill playlists.

I actually found it easier to compile songs whose titles referred to the drinking life — “Lived in Bars” by Cat Power; “Conversation on a Barstool” by Annie Ross from the “Short Cuts” soundtrack; “Frank’s Tavern” by Calexico; “Alcoholics in My Town” by the too-cleverly named Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse.  But after enough searching, here are four more to round out the beverage-specific theme:

I loved her bangs as much as her voice.

2. “Patron Tequila,” Paradiso Girls. The first time I heard this song, it was the video version that was playing on “New Now Next: Poplab.” So my introduction to it was, as you might suspect from something on TV, “F word”-free. (And I was also distracted by the fact one of the girls is Chelsea, who did not win “Search for the Next Pussycat Doll,” or possibly “Girlicious.”) I’m sort of surprised that iTunes doesn’t offer the clean version. Not that I’d opt for it: Now when I do hear it (which would be only on “Poplab”), it sounds sillier than the profanity-laden one.

3. “Champagne Taste,” Eartha Kitt. Funny Michael and I saw Eartha Kitt live with the Phoenix Symphony just a few months before she passed away. She was incredible, filled with sass and (as my mom would say) “piss and vinegar,” wriggling up a storm and owning that stage. I’m glad I got to see her.

4. “Lilac Wine,” Jeff Buckley. I, uh, foolishly didn’t realize this was a cover song until just now. Hell, even Eartha Kitt sang it before Jeff Buckley did.

5. “Rum and Coca Cola (JoJo Effect Remix),” The Andrews Sisters. That’s right — I had to go all the way to the R’s to find my fifth type of beverage. (There were a few repeats, like “Dame Otro Tequila” by Paulina Rubio and “Mexican Wine” by Fountains of Wayne, but I held out for five separate drinks.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 12-13-09
The sweater: Long-sleeved cotton rollneck sweater
ostensibly by Calvin Klein Sport, from Last Chance.
The pants: Boot-cut khakis from Old Navy.
The shoes: Boots by Dr Martens, from Last Chance.

One response to “iTuned In: Another round?

  1. Heck, I got a bunch on my iPhone that are just about tequila: “Tequila” (The Champs), “Tequila” (Brooks & Dunn), “Tequila Sunrise” (The Eagles), “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” (Joe Nichols), “Straight Tequila Night” (John Anderson), “Tequila Loves Me” (Kenny Chesney) …

    You also should get: “Margaritaville” (Jimmy Buffett, “There’s a Tear in My Beer” (Hank Williams, “Beer for My Horses” (Toby Keith & Willie Nelson), “All Jacked Up” (Gretchen Wilson), “One Mint Julep” (Ray Charles version) & “Gin & Juice” (Snoop Dogg).

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