Jean gender bender

When I was doing laundry a couple of days ago, I was folding up jeans and for whatever reason caught a glimpse of the tag for a pair of jeans I had inherited from Mr. Brooks, who picked them up at Last Chance way back.


Men’s jeans are not named “Ingrid.” They are named “Sid,” or “Keever,” or even “Boot Fit Jeans.” Not “Ingrid.”

So even though I didn’t really want to find out, I headed to the Citizens for Humanity website, where I found this little nugget of occasionally misspelled information.

Dammit. So alluring! (Although this does explain why every time I put them on, I was like, “Where is my junk supposed to go?”)

I had no idea they sold women’s jeans by waist size — I thought they were always the standard 2/4/6/8/etc. — and I’m surprised Citizens even makes a 32-inch waist for women (it looks like it’s the largest one they sell).

This is not the first time this has happened: Years ago I inherited a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans from Mr. Brooks — yes, that’s me wearing them in the Tribune, here — and found out they were Lady Pants, too.

I had to sell the Sevens to Buffalo Exchange after that, but I think I’m keeping Ingrid around. For now.

The shirt: Short-sleeved T-shirt by Pure Stuff, from Last Chance.
The pants: Jersey yoga/lounge pants by Go Softwear,
which I think I picked up at their booth at the Rainbows Festival one year.
The shoes: Project (Red) Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Converse,
which my friend Funny Michael made for me at


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