iTuned In: Sweet!

Five tracks in my iTunes library that begin with “Sweet”:

Ben Lee, married to Ione Skye.

Ben Harper, married to Laura Dern

1. Sweet Pea,” Amos Lee. Until I went looking for a photo of Amos Lee (top left), I had no idea what he looked like, and I realized that my train of thought went something like this: Amos Lee → Ben Lee → Ben Folds → Ben Harper → Laura Dern → wait, which one was Laura Dern dating again? → OK, that really was Ben Harper, and they’re married now → good, because isn’t Ben Lee like 14 eternally? → and wasn’t he dating like Claire Danes? → [Wikipedia search] → he was … but hey, he married Ione Skye! (Poor Amos Lee, who’s been derailed by the likes of Ione Skye.)

2. Sweet Dreams,” Beyoncé. This video is a testament to the wonders of double-sided tape. Every time I watch it, I am transfixed, waiting for one of her breasts to pop out. (That’s right, people: I can’t stop looking at her boobs.) See for yourself …

3. Sweet Sweet Heartkiller,” Say Hi To Your Mom. From the 2006 album that is almost totally about vampires. (Other song titles: “These Fangs,” “She Just Happens to Date the Prince of Darkness.” I did not download any of these; in fact, the only other song I have is “But She Beat My High Score.”) The band has since shortened its name to just Say Hi.  Really — the incredibly spartan website reflects this.

The Temper Trap

4. Sweet Disposition,” The Temper Trap. In a sweet bit of reciprocity, my new friend Matt made me a best-of 2009 CD. It was a severe reminder of how much I’m not paying attention to — out of the whole disc I only knew one song, and two artists. Everything else — including this song — was new, and I was forced to Google random lyrics to figure out the songs’ titles and artists. And I still couldn’t figure out two of them. (This made me really, really want an iPhone and the Shazam app.) This song appeared on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies of the year, “(500) Days of Summer.”

5. Sweet Talkin’ Woman,” Electric Light Orchestra. This band always takes me back to my roller-skating childhood. (My friend Kathy says that “Don’t Bring Me Down” always was playing when she herself bit it at the rink, so it must be a universal truism that ELO was on the soundtrack of roller rinks everywhere.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 12-21-09
The sweater: Dark-dark-dark green
silk/cashmere V-neck from Banana Republic.
The shirt: “Fashion-fit” cotton dress shirt by Ted Baker Endurance,
from the Ted Baker store in New York.
The pants: Flat-front khakis from Banana Republic.
The shoes: Tumble loafers by J Shoes, from

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