iTuned In: Name droppers (Types 1-3)

A look at my iTunes library reveals that most songs with titles that refer to famous people fall into a few common categories. Today, the first three. …

Type 1: Sweating to the Oldies (references to long-gone composers):

  • Beethoven (I Love to Listen To).” Wikipedia says The Eurythmics made videos for all 12 of the tracks on their album “Savage”? I certainly remembered this one, in which Annie Lennox’s breakdown transforms her from plain-Jane knitting housewife to crazy drag-queen cabaret star. “I was dreaming like a Texan girl – a girl who thinks she’s got the right to everything.” (I thought the story continued with “I Need A Man,” another track I loved.)
  • Gershwin,” Arling & Cameron
  • Górecki,” Lamb

Type 2: It’s All About Me (references to themselves):

Type 3: The Snake Eats Its Own Tail (referring to other singers):

Tomorrow, types 4-6 …

WHAT SAM WORE: 12-28-09
The shirt: Long-sleeved corduroy shirt by Martin Gordon, from Last Chance.
The pants: Jeans by Five Four, from the now-defunct
Vivi’s Boutique in Chandler.
The shoes: Boots by Dr Martens, from Last Chance.

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