Jan. 1: Cleaning virtual house

I’m surprised I waited until New Year’s to perform the annual “cleaning of contacts.” Every year I go through my cell phone, Facebook, address book, etc., and delete people that I haven’t been in touch with for a while using that medium.

(So a person can remain in my phone, if that’s how I stay in touch with them, but be deleted from Facebook.)

This year was a little tough, because I dropped some sentimental favorites. I finally manned up and deleted a supersweet, adorable model we had used in a swimsuit shoot a few years back that everyone from hair to makeup to photo fell in love with. I mourned a little when he moved to L.A. to become an actor, and although I’m sure the number hadn’t worked in years, I had kept his name in the phone just to elicit a happy sigh when I saw his name.

Until now I had also held onto Steven Cojocaru’s number, which Funny Michael and I got when we worked backstage at our friend Eric’s show in Vegas one year and Cojo was the host. But I realized I wouldn’t ever feel like calling him up and being, “Remember me?!” … just in case he didn’t. (Less difficult to delete: Eric’s former boyfriend.)

Oh, and “Mom and Dad” went to just “Mom.”

My friend Taneka performs a similar ritual with her BlackBerry; she calls it “tending her garden.” I don’t think a guy should be allowed to refer to it that way — doesn’t it sound like waxing? — so I’ll keep it as “cleaning virtual house.”

Chances are, the people I deleted won’t miss me anyway. And if they had, we would’ve stayed in contact more before now. Sure, it’s a move where practicality trumps sentimentality — but if they say you should give away clothing you haven’t worn in a year, why are you holding on to people you haven’t talked to in that long?

The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton crewneck from Old Navy.
The pants: Joey jeans by True Religion, from Last Chance.
The shoes: Samba sneakers by Adidas, from Sports Authority.

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