Where does the time go?

It’s weeks like this I’m glad I don’t have a kid. Or even a pet. I can’t even figure out how to cram work, gym, cooking and blogging into a single day/night. I can’t imagine how it works when other people’s priorities come into play.

I suspect much of it has to do with my affinity for sleep. I could be blogging in the early mornings, for example, before I go to work — but that would require me getting out of bed, which sounds great in principle but in reality is a hard row to hoe. For awhile I was blogging at night, picking out the clothing I’d wear the next day, then auto-publishing the post at a certain time. Then the gym came along — a renewed commitment that pushed blogging out of the routine.

And the gym also bumped cooking dinner out of rotation, too: I couldn’t eat dinner, then turn around and go do cardio and crunches like an hour later, without urping something up along the way. But that means the whole Eating Dinners At Home With Roommates experiment has fallen by the wayside, since Mr. Brooks has to leave for work by 7 p.m.

So now the routine is: Get up an hour (max) before work; spend the day at the office; return home and try to punch out a blog post; go to gym; try to eat something, usually from a drive-through again; wind down for an hour before going to bed.

In my practical, logical head, the routine would look more like:

6 a.m.: Get up, go to gym and do cardio. 7 a.m.: Home for breakfast, maybe blogging. 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.: Work. 6:30 p.m.: Dinner and digestion. 7:30-8:30 p.m.: Free weights. 9 p.m.: Home to wind down. 10 p.m.: In bed for 8 hours.

It sounds rote and regimented and miserable, and yet it would be the only way to consistently fit in everything that’s currently important.  My friend Funny Michael mentioned that he now gets up at 5:30 a.m. to hit the gym, which is something I salute but also shudder at. Maybe I’ll try it for a week or two.

Uh, next week.


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