Keep it in your pants, dude.

A few months ago I was scrolling through Facebook friends and got caught up in a neverending Their Friends feed. I’d click on one person, then see their friends, then click on another, then see theirs … and then I hit this screen.

WTF, Dave Fernandez? Really?

I am willing to extend a generous amount of eye rolling and “whatever” to those guys like “Eric” and “Poison” up there, who seem to have decided that Facebook is actually just another BigMuscle. I am sure they’ve worked hard for their physiques, but … it’s Facebook, people. Co-workers, old friends and elementary school classmates are the people using Facebook. I’m pretty sure most of them would prefer not to see your cheesy B&W “oh, you caught me lounging in my briefs with my arms just casually raised above my head to show off my biceps” photo. (Again, just an eye roll and a “whatever.” They’re not my friends.)

But Dave? That’s what you thought would be your best profile photo? Seriously? Facebook is not Manhunt. That picture proves you’re a dickwad as well as an idiot.


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