Pants on the ground

When that old guy showed up on “American Idol” singing about pants on the ground, I don’t think he had my bedroom floor in mind — but his message about getting your pants off the ground is equally applicable here.

When did I turn into the type of person who just leaves dirty clothes on the floor all over the place? I just realized how messy the area between my closet and bed is. It’s like “Where’s Waldo,” only more like: “Can you see three pairs of pants on the ground? How about a fourth, tossed atop the bench at the end of the bed?”

I guess it’s time for laundry. And maybe a refresher course in where my hamper is (which would be the hall closet, which I like to think explains why the clothing often ends up on the floor).

WHAT SAM WORE: 01-23-10
The sweatshirt: The go-to “I am lazy and
this is comfortable” hoodie I inherited from
my roommate, who got it at Last Chance.
The T-shirt: University of Montana T-shirt
that Mr. Brooks bought for me either as a Christmas gift , or for dropping him off on Christmas Day at an airport 40 miles from home, then picking him up at 1 a.m a week later, on a work night, at the same airport.
The pants: Sweats on sale at Old Navy.


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