Tie-ing one on, Day 2

Day 2 of Tie Week, and so far five people have said I looked “dapper.” Six, technically, but my work wife and I are only counting the instances where there is a witness—i.e., her.

My tie is not quite THAT short ... and nowhere near that wide.

It took me four attempts to master the full Windsor knot, copying the demonstration illustrations in the “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style” that my friend Lisa dropped on my desk a few weeks ago. Or, more accurately, it took two attempts last night until I was convinced I had it down, and then more two attempts this morning while actually getting dressed. (“Yeah, I’m going to be a little late today. I’m having trouble getting dressed.”) And even then, it came up a little short: A tie’s point is supposed to end at your belt buckle, but mine ended up more around the navel. Rather than try again, and try to find a belt that goes with these crazy shoes, I just put on a navy sweater.

Dapper. I can think of worse things to be called five times in two days.

WHAT SAM WORE: 01-26-10
I’m going to wear a tie every day this week.
Today: A full Windsor knot! The sweater hides it a bit more than yesterday.
The sweater: Navy wool/cotton V-neck vest from Banana Republic.
The shirt: Cotton spread-collar dress shirt
by John Varvatos ★ USA, from Marshall’s.
The tie: Silk tie by Kenneth Cole Reaction, from Macy’s.
The pants: These amazing pants from Ted Baker, New York City.
The shoes: Super-pointy-toe slip-on boots by Mezlan, from Last Chance.
(From heel to toe, they’re 13.5 inches!)

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