Tie-ing one on: Day 3

I think I bought this shirt never expecting to button the collar. It's a small, and it chokes me!

From the waist up, my look today says: “Hello, my name is Mr. Mittelsteadt, and I’ll be processing your mortgage application.”

At first I was going to wear a pair of funky gray flannel trousers today, but I realized that (a) those pants would just compound the conservative look, since they are, at heart, still gray flannel trousers, and (b) I was afraid to try them on because they have a 31-inch waist, and most of the pants in my rotation are 32s. So I decided to go for contrast and wear my crazy-skinny cotton trousers from Ben Sherman instead.

The end result is, as I told my co-workers today, the sartorial equivalent of a mullet: business up front, party in the rear. (Ba-dum-pum.)

I am getting used to the pants’ snuggishness, but still have to manually tug them back down over my apparently gargantuan calves every time I get out of the car. But as a bonus, this morning I noticed these pants also have a 31-inch waist. Tonight I’m going home and putting on those flannel trousers, just to show ’em who’s boss.

WHAT SAM WORE: 01-27-10
I’m going to wear a tie every day this week.
The full-body shot is here.
Why are my sleeves so wrinkly? I need to stop rolling them up at work.
The shirt: Cotton spread-collar dress shirt from J. Crew.
The tie: Silk tie by Beau Brummel Soho, from Marshall’s.
The pants:Rod fit” stretch cotton trousers from Ben Sherman, New York.
The shoes: Leather lace-ups by Gordon Rush, from Last Chance.

3 responses to “Tie-ing one on: Day 3

  1. Your “full-body shot” is misleading. I expected to see shoes and I don’t know…a face.

  2. But you are so handsome…but thanks for the shoes!!!

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