Tieing one on, Day 4

So, now that my friends have gotten over their initial curiosity and confusion over Tie Week, most of them are strangely excited about it. In fact, both Mr. Brooks and my neighbor James have volunteered their ties into service. (That’s one of Mike’s ties below. He tends to go for … more vivid ones than my boring/classic eye gravitates toward.) As a result, I have enough to stretch Tie Week into Two Weeks of Ties—which is likely, because the matchings are already hanging up, ready to go.

In a sadder note, it turns out that my favorite gym is going under. Just last week I blogged about supporting local businesses and named Tangible Fitness as one of the three places I had vowed to support, but I learned on Facebook last night that Tangible is closing the fitness side sometime in late February.

I liked the small scale of Tangible, as opposed to the megalo-masses that teem at our nearest L.A. Fitness (nickname #1: “El Gay Fitness”; nickname #2, “Charlie’s with weights”). Last Monday we went to LAF for yoga at 8 p.m.—as we walked toward class at the back of the building, we noticed every treadmill and elliptical trainer was occupied, and the whole room was sweltering and sweat-heavy. It just reminded me that I’d end up having to go even later at night if I wanted a workout without the inevitable wait between machines.

(The optimist in me: More people = better chances of meeting nice guy! The pessimist: More people = better chances of being annoyed by douchebags.)

So now my friends and I are on the hunt for a new fitness center—somewhere near midtown, open late (for some of us) and early (for the others) with cardiovascular equipment and free weights, reasonable dues and little to no initiation fee. We’ve got a few contenders to peruse (but if you’ve got any suggestions, give me a shout).

Some co-workers recently became enamored with The Village at Camelback and it is beautiful—but the $140-a-month dues that support the glamour of the racquet club and full bar are more than I want to pay to workout. I just need weights and cardio machines, not dry cleaning and a spa (also on premises).

But in the meantime: For god’s sake, support your locally owned independent businesses!

WHAT SAM WORE: 01-28-10
I’m going to wear a tie every day this week.
The neck-to-toes shot is here.
The purples look completely different in daylight.
The sweater: Cotton/cashmere V-neck from J. Crew.
The shirt: Slim-fit cotton dress shirt from Banana Republic.
The tie: Woven silk tie by Robert Talbott Best of Class, from Last Chance. (Thanks, Mike!)
The pants: Stretch wool trousers from Banana Republic.
The shoes: Black “platypus” lace-ups by BCBG Max Azria,
from Saks Off 5th at Arizona Mills mall.

2 responses to “Tieing one on, Day 4

  1. Much better! You look great!

  2. So sorry about Tangible, but you still look great and are at the top of my well dressed list.

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