Tie-ing one on, Day 5

I ended the workweek with seven “dappers”— not bad!

WHAT SAM WORE: 01-29-10
I wore a tie every day this week.
The neck-to-toes shot is here.
The sweater: Cotton V-neck pullover from Gap.
The shirt: Slim-fit cotton dress shirt by Hugo Boss,  from Last Chance.
In a moment of serendipity, Mr. Brooks scored the cufflinks from the same store yesterday—for $7.95.
The tie: Hand-sewn silk tie by BCBG Attitude, on “long loan” from my friend Funny Michael
The pants: Wool trousers by Michael Kors — part of a suit I bought at Macy’s.
The shoes: Black “Turnstyle” dress loafers from bananarepublic.com.

One response to “Tie-ing one on, Day 5

  1. Heather Leppert

    LOVE, LOVE THIS!! The cufflinks are a perfect addition.

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