Early to rise?

A co-worker and I gave a PowerPoint presentation about blogging to the company this morning, which means I had to be not only present and accounted for at 8:30 a.m., but also lucid. (Postmortem: Not bad, could have been better. Jessica did awesome, though.)

You hear about “morning people” and “night people”; I fall somewhere in between. The “morning meeting” at the Tribune aimed to begin at 10 a.m., which dovetailed nicely with my normal sleep/awake cycle: In a world free of alarm clocks, I would normally wake up around 9.

So on mornings like today (or “tomorrow,” when you consider when I’m writing it), my brain tends go into panic mode.  I’ll wake up around 3:30 a.m., terrified that I’ve overslept … then look over at the clock, see what time it is, and tell myself to get some more rest. Every hour or so after that, the same routine, until it’s actually time to rise.*

Rising is easier than shining. I need a good hour — and usually coffee — before shining can occur.

So to save time, on Sunday night I picked out and photographed today’s clothing. (As a matter of fact, I already have the clothing for all next week picked out.) If only I could tie the tie the night before, I could stay in bed even longer. …

(* The actual awakening times: First, 1:38 a.m.; second, 3:48 a.m.; third, 6:27 a.m. Which turned out to be just as well, because despite all my planning I actually never turned on my alarm clock, even though I set it for the correct time.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-1-10
I’m going to wear a tie dress up every day this week.
The neck-to-toes shot is here.
The sweater: Cotton V-neck pullover from Gap. Which I put on inside-out and didn’t notice
until I turned to leave and caught a glimpse of tag in the mirror. Yay, early mornings!
The shirt: Button-collar cotton dress shirt from J. Crew.
The tie: Silk tie by Façonnable, from Last Chance (On loan from Mr. Brooks).
The pants: Straight-fit wool trousers from Banana Republic.
The shoes: Leather dress loafers by Rush Gordon Rush, from Nordstrom.

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