If only it were that easy.

Actually, it sort of was. Last year the ladies at Worn Fashion Journal experienced some hard times and asked for blogosphere support, and thankfully it came through.

Sometimes Worn can seem a little one-note — after looking at their Christmas party shots you just know each and every staffer lists Jenny Lewis as their fashion icon. But you know what? (a) At least they’re not worshiping at the altar of  Sarah Jessica Parker, and (b) it’s still the sort of place that posts  Christmas party shots online. And posts a salute to great crazy style on old ladies, and the six-page list one power-drunk sorority sister at Cornell sent to pledges about acceptible dress codes. (“I’m going to be doing dress checks so have your outfits for each round completely figured out before you get to Ithaca.”)

So, I’m glad they’re back.  And I might try my own version of that sign this weekend, just to see what happens.

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-3-10
Still dressing up. Getting kind of tiresome.
The neck-to-toes shot is here.
The sweater: Cotton/silk pullover V-neck from Gap.
The shirt: Tab-collar button-down by Hugo Boss, from Last Chance.
The tie: Silk print by Joe for Joseph Abboud, from Macy’s.
The pants: “Hipster” cut (oh how I hate that word) boot-cut khakis from Gap.
The shoes: Leather sneakers by Puma, from Nordstrom.

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