iTuned In: My name is (what?) …

At first today’s category was just going to be “titles that are men’s names,” but as I started culling the contenders I started narrowing the field. I’d already done two days of famous people, so they were out. How about titles that are only men’s first names? Even then, I found myself with a lot — “Anthonio,” from Annie’s new release; “Daniel,” the classic by Elton John; “Gabriel” by Lamb — so I decided to be even more specific. (Plus, after the jump: Can you figure out which one I deliberately omitted?)

Eight tracks in my iTunes library with titles that are men’s names that have only five letters:

1. “Alfie,” Lily Allen. Having been the baby of the family, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have a younger sibling to tell what to do. Now I just tell my friends what to do — or, actually, try really hard not to tell them what to do until they ask me about it. (Also, I am not bringing up past instances where my advice was right.)

2. “Billy,” Los Lobos. From the “I’m Not There” soundtrack album. Has anyone seen that movie? It’s one of those that I am sure is great, but I can’t bring myself to rent.

3. “Donny,” Saine. Awhile back I decided to load up on “funky background music” — the sort you could have playing at a party without it being too intrusive.

4. “Isaac,” Madonna. Not my favorite part of the “Confessions on a Dance Floor” album. During the tour, Madonna brought him out and during their song, I remember thinking: “This would be the perfect time to hit the head.”

5. “Jesse,” Carly Simon. I had sort of forgotten all about this song, which was a happy coincidence because my friend Jess is the one who inspired this post when he pointed out that the last one didn’t include the next song on the list.

6. “Rocky,” Austin Roberts. I never understood the sort of auditory pain that I put my parents through until I started looking up some of what were my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E songs growing up. This was one of them. So was “Run Joey Run” by David Geddes. And “The Battle of New Orleans,” for some reason. And ABBA and disco. Lots of ABBA and disco.

7. “Romeo,” Basement Jaxx. Such a happy little bouncy song. And yet, not to be confused with …

8. “Romeo,” Donna Summer. Why do you think this track would be the one off the “Flashdance” soundtrack that’s not available for download, even on

OK, here’s the challenge: I left one song out. It’s a pretty famous one, and somewhere in this post I’ve even provided a clue as to the artist or band who performed it.  Can you figure out what it is? Post your guesses in the comments below.  One note: My friend Kathy is exempt from this, because she will identify it instantly — we had a discussion about the lyrics once in which I was greatly confused by one early line (and, admittedly, hadn’t liked the song enough to really pay attention and figure it out on my own). So no posting spoilers, Hecubus!

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-17-10
The shirt: Long-sleeved “Devo” shirt by Dragonfly, a hand-me-down from Mr. Brooks (who, in turn, got it at Last Chance). Today I put it on and thought, “I don’t like this shirt enough to keep it. After today, I’m selling it to Buffalo Exchange.” But several people at work have said it’s their “favorite shirt,” so I might have to rethink that.
The pants: Classic fit, Harper wash jeans by Joe’s Jeans, from Nordstrom.
The shoes: Zip-up suede boots on clearance from Martin + Osa.

4 responses to “iTuned In: My name is (what?) …

  1. “Levon” Performed by Elton John and now the song is in my head…

  2. I see my services were not needed after all. I now have “Sam” by ONJ stuck in my head. So there.

  3. I forgot to follow up with the line that I misheard: One day I was talking to Kathy on the phone and said, “Why does he call his job Jesus?”

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