Cost savings of eating at home

The first week is almost done, and to make myself feel better, I did the math to see what I probably saved by eating dinner at home, taking the leftovers for lunch, not buying coffee in the morning and all that jazz.

On a typical workday, I’d grab a large latte ($3.84) on the way to work, grab lunch somewhere (erring on the cheap side at $6, since Taco Bell is one of my favorites) and meet Mr. Brooks for dinner ($15). Same for weekends, minus the coffee. Total: $166.20

This week, I spent $70 on groceries for the week’s meals and, after the gym on Friday, broke down and got a $3 frozen custard Sunday at the Culver’s that opened down the street. But since Mr. Brooks is eating all the food, too, we’re splitting the cost and I’m deducting my share from next month’s rent — people, this is what roommates are for! The real total: $38.

Over a month, that adds up to more than $500. And that’s just the food, not the other stuff like nights out or random treats.

Granted, next week’s menu looks more ingredient-intensive, so I might not be getting away with $70 at the grocery store tomorrow. But the difference is still remarkable — and makes the idea of continuing the effort more palatable.


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