What’s for dinner: Sauteed Chicken with Tomato Relish and Spinach

When you feel rushed, annoying little things just amp up the impatience: Why did this one piece of chicken not defrost like the other two? (No idea.)  How do I open these stupid boxes of still-frozen spinach? (With a sharp knife and an angry heart.)

Luckily, tonight’s meal was, after that, a piece of cake. Not literally cake, mind you, but still pretty easy. (Click on the photo above to be taken to the recipe on the Everyday Food/Martha Stewart website.)

Cost of ingredients: $4.47. Deceptive pricing alert: I already had the chicken breasts (along with the olive oil, lemon juice, capers and salt and pepper).

Substitutions: None.

As easy as they said? Oh, yes. I created my own cutlets, but then decided to slice them into chunks rather than full cutlets, so they’d cook even faster (and because some of them were still a little frozen, and I didn’t want to burn the outsides while waiting for the insides to reach doneness). Again, frying chicken in olive oil is kind of spattery, but this time it was the cooktop instead of the oven. (And it drove Mr. Brooks so insane to see the spatters that after the meal, he attacked it with Formula 409, and we are also running the stovetop vent grills through the dishwasher.)

How’d THAT go over? I liked the fact that unlike some other dinners from Everyday Food, this felt like it had a lot of stuff to eat — spinach, chicken, the tomato relish. The frozen spinach was sad, though. After thawing it sort of looked like it had been run through a shredder, and in cooking it looked almost dry. The flavor wasn’t as good as fresh, either; I ended up supplementing  mine with a little red wine vinegar.

Would I make it again? Yes, but with fresh spinach. I don’t think the price would be that different to pick up one bunch of the fresh stuff instead of two containers of frozen.

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-22-10
The sweater: Lambswool cardigan with suede elbow patches from J. Crew,
a hand-me-down from my friend and neighbor James.
The shirt: Long-sleeved fitted V-neck T-shirt from Banana Republic.
The pants: Jeans by Seven for All Mankind, from Nordstrom.
The shoes: Suede chukka boots by RJ Colt, from Last Chance.

2 responses to “What’s for dinner: Sauteed Chicken with Tomato Relish and Spinach

  1. Great Meals !…Here’s one, Stuffed pork loin….
    peccorino cheese,salami, hard boiled egg…..
    jammed into the center of the pork loin then roasted.
    Served with mushroom risotto and a not to pretentious Barolo.

  2. Oh yeah….RJ Colt’s the best shoe in the world !

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