What’s for supper: Turkey Sausage Sandwiches

Turkey Sausage Sandwiches with Peppers and Onions (courtesy: Everyday Food)

“What do you have there?” my co-worker Lisa said yesterday as we sat next to each other at a quarterly meeting in the Town Center.

“Leftovers,” I said as everywhere around me people tucked into baked spaghetti and other pasta. “I forgot that they cater lunch for this.”  (And it was goodAmici Catering is run by the former owner of Tucchetti, the Italian restaurant that was in Town & Country Shopping Center.)  “But I am glad I brought this.  I am trying to eat healthy,” I said, more for my benefit than hers.

“That is sausage,” she said.

“Yeah, but the whole thing has less than 400 calories,” I replied. (The joy of turkey sausage!)

Cost of ingredients: $12.94. I already had the vegetable oil, mustard, and salt and pepper.

Substitutions: None.

As easy as they said? There’s a lot of chopping involved — peppers, onions.  I’m still trying to figure out why they specify to halve the onions and then slice them thinly lengthwise, when it makes more sense (and is easier) to do the slicing widthwise.   I suspect it’s because the editors imagine long beautiful strands of onion for the sandwich, but when you’re the person who chews it, shorter is sometimes better.  And for appearance’s sake, I used one yellow pepper, one orange pepper and one red pepper. (They were all the same price.)

How’d THAT go over? Pretty delicious — I wouldn’t toast the rolls as heavily as suggested, because I liked the sandwich better when the bread was just-warmed, not stiff and resistant.  Especially when you’re trying to shove a whole bit in your mouth, you want a little give.

Would I make it again? I hope so! I think I’m taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, too.  (And not just because I accidentally left the mustard in the work refrigerator.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 03-03-10
Today we had a group photo taken at work. I organized an effort with my friends
to wear bright pink and stand next to each other.
The shirt: Cotton polo from Old Navy. And yes, it really is that bright.
The pants: Boot-cut corduroys by 7 for All Mankind, from Last Chance.
The shoes: Tumble loafers by J Shoes, from goclothing.com.

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