What’s for dinner: Tortilla Soup with Black Beans

Click on the photo (source: Everyday Food) to be taken to the recipe, which appeared in the January 2009 issue.

You know how when you start putting a dish together and it just looks … watery? I mean, I know this is soup, which by definition takes a more liquid form, but the idea of having the extra juice from two cans of diced tomatoes be a major flavor component of this soup made me sort of panicky. How would this not end up tasting like vegetables in tomato water?

Cost of ingredients: $8.83. (If I had shopped my cupboard first, I could have used dried black beans instead of canned, just remembering to soak them overnight first, and dropped that price down to $6.85.) I already had chicken broth, olive oil, garlic, chili powder and salt and pepper.

Substitutions: None.

As easy as they said? Incredibly easy, since it mainly consists of opening cans and frozen vegetables. But when’s the last time opening cans and frozen vegetables made something tasty in less than 15 minutes?

How’d THAT go over? Because of my suspicions that this might end up more a gruel than a flavorful soup, I added liberal splashes of chipotle hot sauce that we had in the refrigerator. (Had that not been there, I might have even opted for Worcestershire sauce or A1 Sauce to add some extra zing.)  And to overcome the still-watery appearance of the soup, I took a portion of it and whipped it into a frenzy in the blender, then stirred it back into the main pot to add a more-hearty texture and “mouth feel.”

Would I make it again? Eh, probably not. It wasn’t awful, but neither was it that amazing.

WHAT SAM WORE: 03-09-10
The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton sweatshirt from Old Navy.
The pants: Jeans by Five Four, from the now-defunct Vivi’s Boutique in Chandler.
The shoes: Leather open-heeled slip-ons by Bacco Bucci, from Last Chance.

One response to “What’s for dinner: Tortilla Soup with Black Beans

  1. The way I did it was to nix all the water and used Rotel tomatoes with diced chilies… and liberal chili powder. And it was SUPER yummy and not watery. I’m inviting you over for dinner when I get back. 🙂

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