Or, it could be a fun, flashy pop music video.

OK, last post about “Telephone,” I swear.

Lady Gaga tweeted about this post, in which the author, self-described as a “graduate student of comparative literature,” deconstructs the video in a manner that, through overanalysis, sucks all the joy out of watching it. To wit:

“Is this an example of how postmodern information-age super-saturation … is corroding the walls between inside and outside, faceless prisoner and whole, healthy, legally-defined individual?  Or is it an example of warring discourses of prison and punishment/treatment – instead of prisoners dangerous to society repaying a debt or at least being held at bay, we have patients – the incarcerated themselves as victims – who must be diagnosed and healed in order to rejoin society.”

They’re talking about her PRISON OUTFITS, people.

The stonefaced didacticism continues unabashed. The spot where the director mimics the audio stutter with a similar video effect?

“When [the phone is] not a part of Gaga’s costuming or hair, it’s beckoning, interrupting, dictating.  And the humans are moved by its ring.  At one point Beyonce starts moving like a malfunctioning robot.  They’re moved to violence, and/or moved as automata.”

“As well as trapped by it.  When it stutters and freezes, so do the people using it.”

So much examination, so much self-congratulatory nonsensical slinging of postgraduate-level knowledge. There also are references to Humbert Humbert, a previous post about a “hopelessly schizophrenic” zeitgeist (God, no, I didn’t look it up), bricolage and “various modern and postmodern fictions.”

Which is a long way of saying: These people make me want to gouge my eyes out rather than keep reading.

WHAT SAM WORE: 03-13-10
The shirt: Cotton V-neck T-shirt — a prize in a giveaway. The logo’s actually on the back shoulder — not bad for an over-the-shoulder self-portrait pic, eh?
The shorts: Track shorts by Champion, from Costco.
The shoes: Running shoes by Adidas, which are now my “yardwork shoes.”

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