What’s for dinner: Chunky Turkey-Vegetable Soup

Click on the photo to go to the recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

After CPOS’ weeklong visit, the nightly routine at Casa Flor is nowhere as regular as it used to be: Rather than make dinner a few nights ago, I grazed my way through, in order, a bowl of Corn Chex, a small slab of leftover salmon with breadcrumbs (that had been in the fridge since, uh, March 22) and, finally, tablespoonfuls of peanut butter.

I still haven’t gone to the grocery store, but that night I also grabbed one of the preportioned bags of this soup, which I had tossed in the freezer awhile back. (Sometime after this, to be exact, since I had to buy one turkey breast for that dish and one for the soup.) “You need some damn vegetables,” I told myself.

Tonight it was time to revisit the soup, which was still as tasty as before.

Cost of ingredients: $16.32.  (What? I save my receipts. It’s not hard to scan through ’em until you find the one with escarole on it.)

Substitutions: None.

As easy as they said? I think so … I don’t really remember. I don’t remember it being difficult — although I do recall adding the entire can of tomato paste, because I thought, “I’m not throwing away everything except for 2 tablespoons’ worth.”

How’d THAT go over? Delightful, as far as veggie-heavy soups go. And I was happy that it defrosted and reheated well, too.

Would I make it again? Probably. And I’ve still got one more bag in the freezer, so I’ll eat it again for sure.

WHAT SAM WORE: 04-08-10
The shirt: Cotton button-down by H&M, from my first trip to Washington, D.C.
The pants: Cotton boot-cut trousers by Banana Republic.
The shoes: Black “Turnstyle” dress loafers from bananarepublic.com.

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