What’s for dinner: Baked Fish with Herbed Breadcrumbs and Broccoli

Click on image to go to the recipe on the Everyday Food (source) website.

After a long period of paying off everything and living debt-free, my pendulum took a big swing in the other direction late last month — I bought a new car and an iMac. One on hand, having five years of car payments sort of gnaws at me, especially since the payment on a purchased car is so much higher than a leased vehicle. The first few nights I found myself curled up in the fetal position, worried into nausea about how broke I would be, even though I had already gone through and figured out the feasibility of the payments long beforehand. (I hate to think what I’ll be like when it finally comes time to buy a house.)

Then I realized something: Having a few new things around is a great reminder about why you work in the first place. Every once in a while, even if you love your occupation, it helps to have an extra nudge. A good job can lead to tangible rewards as well as a sense of accomplishment; for quite a while I was so preoccupied with saving and funneling away that the sheer, well, fun of money had disappeared.

So now, my morning commute is a nice pat on the back for a job well done (or “a job being done well,” I guess, since it’s still going on).

But I also have to get back into cooking more at home, just because my “fun money” allotment has dropped. I won’t be relegated to a diet of ramen (as I worried during one of those fetal-position nights), but it won’t hurt to save where I can.  Which brings me back to the Everyday Food routine.

Cost of ingredients: $9.11, a healthy $6 of which was for the cod.

Substitutions: I used olive oil instead of having to open/melt/cool some butter. And I don’t know if it’s a “submission” so much as an omission, but I forgot the lemon.

As easy as they said? Yes, although I’m not sure why roasting seems to be Everyday Food’s go-to preparation for vegetables. Especially as the temperature rises and we start to become concerned with keeping the house as cool as possible, I’d think steaming would be a better option.  (Then again, you’ve got to heat up the oven for the fish, so why not?)

How’d THAT go over? Eh, OK.  It seemed like an ersatz version of this — partly because of the cod, which had a texture I wasn’t too fond of, and partly because of the use of thyme instead of rosemary. (It wasn’t even as good as this incarnation, either.)

Would I make it again? Not with the other options above.

WHAT SAM WORE: 05-03-10
The shirt: My new favorite-favorite shirt! Cotton button-down from J. Crew outlet, Anthem.
The pants: Jeans by 7 for All Mankind, from Nordstrom, Chandler Fashion Center.
The shoes: Customized Converse All-Star slip-ons.

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