No, I’m Sirius!

One of the perks of my new car is the three-month subscription to Sirius XM. I haven’t finalized the six stations to earn the presets, but a few have been no-brainers:

  • Today on my lunch break, thanks to 1st Wave I heard Big Audio Dynamite and Roxy Music.
  • This weekend I discovered that ’70s on 7 plays vintage Kasey Casem “American Top 40” countdowns. So I got to hear anachronistic intros like, “Here’s the British act that call themselves ‘Queen’ ” (for “Bohemian Rhapsody”) and “the brother-sister act The Carpenters, with this week’s fastest-climbing hit, ‘Only Yesterday.’ ” (And you hear the songs themselves, too, of course.)
  • I keep trying to get my Britpop fix on BBC Radio 1, but I keep tuning in when they’re playing American tracks — ironically, it’s where I heard my very first Justin Bieber song. (I did get to catch a Live Lounge performance, but instead of being someone I liked, it was the hip-hop group N-Dubz. Wah-WAH….)

I’m making a concerted effort to set the other presets to stations that are less retro-active, to provide another outlet by which to hear new music. As Washington Post writer Hank Stuever said, we often use new technology as a way to reminisce about things from our past:

In his recent book “You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto,” author and early Internet engineer Jaron Lanier laments that for all the talk about the future, the Web is too frequently put to the uses of nostalgia. It has a become a tool we use to call up clips of TV shows we thought we’d never see again, commercial jingles we thought lost to time; to look up ex-lovers we’d vowed to wash right out of our hair; to remake or mash up songs we loved 20, 30, 70 years ago.” (source)

So I’m being conscious about using my three months of Sirius to look for songs I’ll love right now — and, hopefully, 20, 30 (God, not 70!) years from now.

WHAT SAM WORE: 05-10-10

The shirt: Cotton polo by J. Lindeberg, from Last Chance.
The pants: “Hipster” cut (oh how I hate that word) boot-cut khakis from Gap.
The shoes: Leather open-heeled slip-ons by Bacco Bucci, from Last Chance.

One response to “No, I’m Sirius!

  1. I love 1st Wave! That station has been the soundtrack for many trips between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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