Retail binge — and purge

My friends Mike and Carey would be very excited: Today I played a version of their game “50 Things,” in which you pick 50 things out of your house that can go — to Goodwill, to a neighbor, to recycling, to the trash, wherever as long as it’s not in your house anymore.

It was inspired mostly by the fact that it looked like an outlet store exploded in my bedroom. On Saturday, Big Booty Judy and I headed up to the outlets at Anthem, where I fell upon the long-sleeved cotton shirts at J. Crew and the Gap (see sample at right); Sunday we ventured over to Scottsdale Fashion Square for a pilgrimage to Lush (and, eventually, Cantina Laredo for margaritas, handmade guacamole and the botanas platter). I also got a pair of high-tops from Nike and a couple of pairs of Converse shoes at Nordstrom Rack, some tees, a bottle of root beer scented body wash from Philosophy, some shaving cream that my friend Krist had recommended at The Body Shop. …

After such a retail spree, the bags just sort of sit around and wait for someone to put everything away, and it takes about a day before I begrudgingly concede that “someone” has to be me. (Dammit!) So after everything is washed and on hangers, I have the task of cycling out the garments that these new ones will replace. I even purged older pairs of skivvies and socks: You know that one single sock you hold on to, thinking that its mate is just stuck in the dryer, or maybe in the dirty clothes hamper? It’s in the rag pile now. Perfect for dusting.

(Coincidence, or good timing? The song that popped up on my iTunes R&B/Soul Genius mix as I disposed of my 50th item: “It’s Over Now” by Deborah Cox.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 05-31-10
The shirt: Flanneled-cotton polo by BDg, from Buffalo Exchange.
The pants: Khakis by Chip & Pepper, from Last Chance.
The shoes: Canvas Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers by Converse, from Nordstrom Rack

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