iTuned In: Fashionably late

When a new issue of Harper’s Bazaar or W shows up, it takes a hell of a story to distract me from my primary mission of scanning the ads. Go figure: I’ve set up Internet pop-up blockers and pretty much ignore junk mail, but I go straight for the advertisements in print magazines.

Then again, I’m not actually looking as a consumer, but more as an admirer. This photo of Karen Elson, for example, is stunning in print in a way that low-res can’t convey. Michael Kors ads, meanwhile always invoke a sense of “now, that’s the way I’d like to live.” Both the women and men are impeccably dressed in the jet-set luxe life, whether it’s at a Broadway play, boarding a yacht or just strolling the streets. So while, say, this Alexander McQueen ad is visually arresting, it has no sense of aspiration beyond, maybe, wanting the shoes. And this Chanel ad shows the clothing wonderfully, but nobody’s gonna say, “Damn, I need to stroll through that field!” Or, “Fire escapes are awesome!” (BTW, Chanel has a cool feature on their site that includes tidbits about the making of the ads. They’re very forward-thinking about their online presence and engagement.)

So, in honor of Mr. Kors and his dream-weaving, a few songs from my iTunes library that refer to dresses:

1. “Blue Dress,” Depeche Mode.

2. “Red Dress,” Sugababes. (Lackluster video here.) Ah, for the days when they were still releasing music despite lineup changes! (Mutya’s on the CD cover but Amelle’s voice is on the track.)

3. “Long White Dress,” Tracey Thorn.

4. “Pink Dress,” Donna Lewis. Remember “I Love You Always Forever”? (Video here, if you need a refresher.) Same artist, newer album. (Which also included “Don’t Ever,” which I like a lot and included on my 2008 holiday disc.)

5. “Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress),” The Hollies. (Video with footage of everyone from Rita Hayworth in Gilda to Lucille Ball looking resplendent in said long black dresses here.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 07-28-10
The shirt: Long-sleeved from Gap outlet in Anthem.
The pants: Boot-cut khakis from Gap.
The shoes: Sneakers by Skechers, from Last Chance.

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