Let’s call this the comeback.

Last night, while waiting for friends to show up for dinner, Mrs. Torres and I ran into my friend Tony, who asked what happened to “that ‘What Sam Wore’ blog.” Long story …

Well, maybe just “long,” no “story.” For awhile I was really trying to jump in to social media. My friend and former co-worker Amy Vernon is the social media queen—the highest-ranked woman ever on Digg.com, and the list of everything she’s into is downright intimidating. (She was recently named director of viral media for Blueglass, which I first read as “Bluegrass,” leading me to imagine her with a banjo and a washboard … disappointment.) I kept thinking, “I need to keep up on the Interwebs.” So I jumped onto Twitter, where I tweeted with a mania for a while. I LinkedIn, then promptly began not networking on it. I joined Foursquare and exhaustively logged and broadcast the restaurants and stores I had set foot in. (And after a hard-fought battle with one of my roommates, became mayor of our house. It’s the small victories.)

Somewhere along the way, it all became a chore. Drudgery. Work. “Is this Twitter post entertaining/witty/zany enough?” “When’s the last time you posted a blog?” And as much as I’d like to think so, I’m pretty sure nobody is dying to know that I’m currently trolling the produce aisle at Gay Safeway. (“Are these melons fresh?”)

Is it cheating when your Foursquare feeds into your Twitter, which feeds into your Facebook? (Answer, apparently: yes.) Are you supposed to provide separate, channel-specific content for each venue? When are you supposed to have an actual life?

Right around the time I read that you’re supposed to spend two hours a day working your social media strategy is when I realized: I don’t want a social media strategy. I am a person.

I am not trying to become Brand Me, no matter what Fast Company or this website says. I’m just sharing stories. I miss writing — there, I said it! — and this allows me to announce, share, explain, rant, charlar, bloviate or whatever.

So I basically took the summer off from blogging. Work got a little crazy, and the last thing I wanted to do after a day sitting at a computer looking at words was to sit at a computer and look at more words. It was too hot to cook, so I skipped What’s For Dinner and headed straight to the restaurants. (The better to Foursquare you with, my dear!)

And I got grumpy. A lot. The fun little things I used to like to chronicle — new songs I had on repeat in my iTunes playlists, bon mots I’d overheard in conversations, the quirks that made my life my life — didn’t seem worth talking about in person anymore, let alone crafted into hopefully entertaining print. So I stopped tweeting. My Facebook became a series of Foursquare updates, which even I got bored looking at.

But it’s Labor Day weekend, and summer’s almost over. I bought one cookbook at Better World Books and another by food tartlet Nigella Lawson on clearance at Borders — and Gourmet is coming out with a new one (along with two other print products).  I’ve cycled through two — two! — imaginary boyfriends, there’ve been nefarious goings-on at our gym and quite a bit of outlet shopping.

Which means it’s time to get back to work—on Facebook first, probably. (Baby steps!) For Tony’s delight, sammitt will be wending its way back into renewed existence soon after.  Starting … today, apparently. Let’s call this the comeback, to quote the Shout Out Louds.

WHAT SAM WORE: 09-04-10
The shirt: V-neck T-shirt by Mossimo, from Target.
The shorts: Cargo shorts by American Eagle Outfitters, from Buffalo Exchange.
The shoes: Customized All-Star slip-ons, which Funny Michael made on converse.com.

4 responses to “Let’s call this the comeback.

  1. Love it! Well written, totally true an looking forward to what you will wear as you reintroduce yourself to both the real and virtual worlds. Cheers!

  2. Awesome. Also, Nigella Lawson is fantastic. I used to watch her show when I was a teenager and LOVED her. I wish she still had her show.

  3. Yay, you were missed.

  4. I for one am glad you’re back. I don’t like to spend my free time on the computer either….after all day. But I do like to check out your blog every once in a while and lose myself in your extremely well-written and entertaining to read blog. Your little daily antics bring a smile to my face. And keep writing about your cooking. One day we will take a cooking class together…

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