Damn, that’s cold!

My sister in Montana and I play a game where we text each other photos of our car’s “outside temperature” readings. (The part you can’t see in the photo above is where the gauge says, “Feels like: -29°F.”)

Tonight coming home from dinner, it was 45° and I had to turn on the seat heaters in my car.

At first I thought this meant that I had lost all vestiges of Montana within me, but then I decided they’re just lying dormant until needed. When I was in Denver over New Year’s — yes, Tina, I was in Denver — the temperature was in the low negatives, not counting wind chill, and by Day 2 I was running around with my coat unzipped, so temperature-hardiness just springs out when it needs to, I guess.

Plus, as I’ve told my sister, a temperature of 30 degrees is still 80 — or, in the summer, 85 or [shudder] 90 — degrees colder than what we’re used to here in the PHX. My high-temp reading record is 126°F (but that was after being parked in the sun). So 30° to us is like freezing or -10° to Montanans.

Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be around 48 here. Although it’s not as dire as my friends in Chicago or up north, I’m still bundling up.

The sweater: Long-sleeved cashmere V-neck, from Martin + Osa.
The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton button-down, from Ted Baker, New York.
The pants: Dark-wash skinny jeans, from Uniqlo, New York.
The shoes: Tumble loafers by J. Shoes, from the now-defunct goclothing.com.

One response to “Damn, that’s cold!

  1. I know what you mean. I am visiting the folks in Colorado this weekend and about cried when I saw that it was high of -1 with -30 wind chills. It has been high of sixties and I get cold. However, lucky for me it will be in the high forties in Denver when I am up there. *phew*
    I have visited before in the cold and I seem to go back to “I am a Coloradoan; I can handle this!” Let’s hope this happens.

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