30-Day Song Challenge, Day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere

Photo of Queens Beach from the “Hawaiian Sunsets” section
of Sean Davey’s Surf Photography site. Click on the photo to go there!

The first time I went to Hawaii, we stayed on Waikiki almost the entire time. Here was our blissful routine: sleeping in, lolling about on the sand, walking up to the lighthouse to pretend like we were being productive, hitting a beachfront bar called Hula’s for happy hour, going somewhere for dinner, then heading out for a few more drinks.

I rarely got to see music videos back then, so if it was slow at Hula’s I would gaze  upon the TV screens and watch whatever was playing. Early on, I caught a video that starts with two argyle-clad young women (with that much cleavage, they wouldn’t qualify as young ladies!) sitting in a stately English manor. As the 4/4 beat insistently thumps away, a gardener steps into the room and …

“Wait — she is spanking him!” I said incredulously.

BAD gardener! NAUGHTY gardener!

Yes, she was, as you can see from the screen grab at right. (Click on the photo to watch the video on DailyMotion.) And as the song progresses, a queue forms of people waiting to get their bottoms smacked, which the women oblige while singing/saying lines like, “Say my name now, baby — loud and clear” and “All I wanna do is get next to you.” And just when I couldn’t be any more transfixed or entertained, we hit the 1:48 mark, where their synchronized two-cheeked technique made me LOL out of sheer delight.

That video played every night we were there. After a few days, it became another essential part of our routine — the evening wasn’t complete until we had seen the begloved girls of Spalding Rockwell batter some behinds at least once.

Years later, the song still makes me laugh. I’m back at that open-window bar after a day at Queens Beach, I’m two rum-based drinks in, I’m a little sleepy from the sun exposure, and I’m always wondering how the music record company executives decided, “Yes. That is the video concept we approve of: Manor girls spanking.”

WHAT SAM WORE: 2-15-11
The sweater: Merino wool V-neck vest from Banana Republic.
The shirt: Floral-print cotton button-up by P.A.R.O.S.H., from Saks Off Fifth.
The pants: Dark-wash boot-cut jeans from 7 for All Mankind,
from Nordstrom, Chandler Fashion Center.
The shoes: Leather slip-ons by Bacco Bucci, from Last Chance.

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