30-Day Song Challenge, Day 11: A song from your favorite band

As I mentioned on Day 1, I don’t have any one favorite band or musical artist — some days I could listen to Pet Shop Boys all day long, and other days my ears aren’t in the mood for synth-pop. OK, that’s a lie — they’re always in the mood for synth-pop, just not PSB-style.

Today I tried to stay as busy as possible in an effort to: (1) make up for yesterday’s total sloth-itude, and (2) through Having! Fun! Experiences!, stave off a misanthropic mood that has been skulking around all week. Said busy-ness involved a lot of driving, so I plugged in my iPod, set “This Playlist Makes You Happy” on random, and started off.

“The Girl and the Robot” by Röyksopp serendipitously showed up as I was wrapping up my stint on the elliptical machine — you know, those last seven or so minutes where you think, “I could just quit now. I’ve already been on here for 20-something minutes … and when you think about it, isn’t that almost as good as 30?” And then those last minutes seem to last forever … only to be followed by the 5-minute cooldown.

Instead, thanks to Röyksopp (and Robyn, who’s singing lead vocals), I soldiered through the entire session, singing to myself (in my head, of course, so as not to alarm any fellow gymgoers) and watching “Bait Car” on the TVs for the treadmills in the row in front of us. That, paired with a few other tracks from Robyn that showed up throughout the day, makes her my favorite artist today.

If you’re putting together a cardio playlist, you should download “The Girl and the Robot.” And if you’re not, you can just watch the video on DailyMotion by clicking on the screengrab at top.

WHAT SAM WORE: 2-20-11
The shirt: Waffle-weave crewneck from Old Navy.
The pants: Track pants by Champion, from Sports Authority.
The shoes: Sneakers from the Puma outlet store, Cabazon, Calif.

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