Red Riding Hood gets the graphic treatment

Imagine if your school assignment was to reinterpret Little Red Riding Hood. Would you be as creative as Tomas Nilsson? His video takes the classic fairy tale and gives it the “Fun With Charts and Graphs” treatment; Grandma’s nutrition facts, above, takes up just four seconds of the three-minute tale.

Seeing creations like this makes me want to learn animation. And web design. And about a billion other things. But considering I can’t even get that “What Sam Wore” table below to stop having lines between the categories, I suspect I might be over my head. Plus, I’m already being a loser at trying to learn French, so I can’t add another thing I’m not learning to my plate.

WHAT SAM WORE: 3-16-11
The shirt: Polo by Hugo Boss, on clearance at Bloomingdale’s, New York.
The pants: Cargo track pants from Uniqlo, New York.
Big Booty Judy called them “Lara Croft” pants.
The shoes: Running shoes by Nike, from the factory outlet store in Anthem.

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