Musical heirs

“All of your CDs are mixed together now?” said a recent visitor to Casa Flor, who was familiar with my pre-iTunes system of music: alphabetized, chronologized, categorized … practically Dewey Decimal System-ized. Ever since I loaded the music to my computer and unloaded all but my most-beloved CDs to Zia Records, my and CPOS’ compact discs and DVDs commingle in the shelves underneath the TV in the living room. “Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to figure out whose is whose?”

“Uh, no. Not at all.”

Even though our discs and movies are all indeed all mixed together, I think it’s easy to discern who purchased, say, “The Lion King” soundtrack (not me) and who bought the soundtrack to the Wim Wenders movie “Until the End of the World” (me). Ready to test your knowledge? Each of these pairs of CDs below includes one disc that’s mine, and one that’s not. How well do you think you can guess which is which?

Category 1: Classical

(a) “World’s Greatest Marches”
(b) Kronos Quartet and Astor Piazzolla’s “Five Tango Sensations”?

Category 2: You gay!

(a) “Absurd Pop Song Romance” by pop-punkers Pansy Division, featuring songs like “Vicious Beauty,” “Bad Boyfriend” and It’ll Never Be the Same”
(b) compilation disc “Glad to Be Gay, Vol. 3,” featuring songs like “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls, “Sex Dwarf” by Soft Cell and “In The Navy” by Village People

category 3: Girl Groups

(a) “Shadows and Light” by Wilson Phillips
(b) “Change” by Sugababes

Category 4: Dolly Parton

(a) “Just Because I’m a Woman,” a compilation disc in which artists including Alison Krauss, Norah Jones and Sinead O’Connor cover Dolly’s greatest hits
(b) the soundtrack to “Straight Talk,” the movie in which Dolly starred as a sassy radio advice-show host alongside James Woods

category 5: CD singles

(a) “What’s Up,” the DJ Miko dance version of the Four Non Blondes song
(b) “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp

category 6: single ladies

(a) “The Id” by Macy Gray
(b) “Bette of Roses” by Bette Midler

Category 7: you might have a problem …

(a) “Celtic Moon,” “Celtic Myst,” “Celtic Mystery,” “Celtic Nights,” “Celtic Renaissance” and “Celtic Romance”

(b) “Back to Mine” compilation discs curated by Rokysopp, Lamb, Groove Armada, Faithless, Dave Seaman and Adam Freeland

category 8: merry christmas!

(a) “The Edge of Christmas,” a compilation disc featuring holiday songs by Queen, Kate Bush, The Cocteau Twins and The Waitresses
(b) “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” the album by Elmo & Patsy featuring the title track and “Percy, the Puny Poinsettia”

(In case you needed help: For odd questions, my discs are B; for even questions, my discs are A.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 3-25-11
The shirt: University of Montana Grizzlies T-shirt,
a gift from my sister Tammy.
The shorts: Camouflage shorts by Mossimo, from Target.
The shoes: All-Stars by Converse, from Nordstrom Rack.

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