The results are back from the well-being tests at work, and I’m in good shape — everything from blood sugar to cholesterol. (In fact, according to this chart, I’m squarely in the “fitness” category, which, yay.) There was a brief moment of terror when I accidentally looked up my body-mass index (which is around 24) on the body fat percentage chart (which you can see on the chart above would not be “fitness.” At all.)

Also, we got $75 from United Healthcare for punching in our numbers to our profiles. I’m sure they’re going to share the info with like a million marketers, but hey, $75 gift card! Rather than opt for a single $75 offer, I took $25 to Bath & Body Works since I’m always buying air fresheners and lip balm there, and $25 to for purchases TBA — digital downloads? hair product? It’s all there.

I reserved the last $25 for, which lets you donate to whichever charity you see fit. At first I felt bad about not giving the whole $75 to them — there are earthquakes and tsunamis going on, people! — but I realized that it was still giving one-third of the money to charity, which is pretty damn good.

And now, off to the gym with Mr.  Torres. We have abs to create!

The shirt: “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios” T-shirt from CafePress. (The design originally appeared on an e-card from
The shorts: Cotton jersey athletic shorts by C9, from Target.
The shoes: Running shoes by Nike, from the factory outlet store in Anthem.

3 responses to “Salut!

  1. Congrats to you. My work takes it a different way–if you dont take the tests, it costs you $500 per year.

    • It COSTS you? That’s crazy. I do wonder what they’d do if, say, my blood pressure was 200/100 or something like that — that shouldn’t be part of work hire contingencies, but they’d know about it.

  2. Since they dont share it with your doctor, I have to think they a re planning to charge people with preexisting conditions more in the future.

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