0 Girls 2 Gays

One of our favorites, David, is in the middle. This photo was shot
by Hermann and Audrey—click on it to go to the photographers’ website.

For now, Tyra Sanchez and I have settled into a Monday-night routine that includes “1 Girl 5 Gays,” an MTV Canada program that Logo airs and combines the old getting-to-know-you game “20 Questions” and the panel format.

Part of the fun is answering the questions, too — whether about each other or ourselves. Sometimes the answers lead to revelations that lead us to hit “pause” and discuss, while others are no surprise at all. A few examples from the other night:

QUESTION 1: “If the other person were a holiday, what would he be?”
Me: “Probably Halloween, because you got so excited about going to Salem, Mass., last year.” (He and his friend Wendy went as Fred and Daphne from “Scooby-Doo.”)
Him: “Christmas? It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen you care about.” (Note to self: Be more … happy, I guess?)

QUESTION 2: “When’s the last time you cried in public?”
Me: “I don’t do that. Even when we were in the room when my dad died, I waited until nobody else was around and only then did I let loose — and when my sister walked in, I got all embarrassed. I think the last time before that would have been like 2000, watching ‘Babette’s Feast.’ Which is partly why I won’t see sad movies in public. I don’t want to be bawling like a baby.”
Him: “I cried during ‘Finding Neverland’ — all those kids entering the theater! I pulled myself together, but then started crying again when we left the movie and got in the car.And  I cried so hard at my friend’s wedding that her father said, ‘Jeez, he must really like you.’ ”

And probably my favorite answers of the night:
“Fill in the blank: ‘I like to play __________.’ ”
Me: “Mind games.”
Him: “Beyoncé.”

The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton butt0n-down from the J. Crew outlet store in Anthem.
The pants: Dark-wash jeans from Uniqlo, New York.
The shoes: Tumble loafers by J. Shoes, from the now-defunct goclothing.com.

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