30-Day Song Challenge, Day 22

I never finished the “30 Day Song Challenge,” mostly because the categories got repetitive. Today’s theme was supposed to be “a song you listen to when you’re sad,” which was so close to this day’s theme that I decided to do something else: open my iTunes library, do the mouse equivalent of throwing a dart at a map blindfolded, and write three things about the song or artist.

I ended up with “One Dream” by Sarah McLachlan. (YouTube video here.) So, here goes:

  1. I have no memory of buying this song, although apparently it was released around the 2010 Olympics. Maybe it was a free download? I can’t believe I would willingly purchase something with the lyrics “I can feel a change is coming / like a kiss upon the tide” …
  2. … especially because Sarah McLachlan songs remind me of Trainer Brian, who used to love them and sing along to them like the held the secrets to all the mysteries of life, leading to silent stink-eyes in the car.
  3. The only time I went to Dick’s Cabaret, along with Trainer Brian for someone’s birthday celebration, one of the dancers started performing to a Sarah McLachlan song — “I Will Not Forget You,” or something equally slow and depressing. While he was naked. On a pole. That was the straw that made me realize, “I am nowhere drunk enough to find this enjoyable,” and I called friends to rescue me.
WHAT SAM WORE: 4-28-11
The shirt: Polo by Abercrombie & Fitch, from Buffalo Exchange.
The pants: Jeans by Ben Sherman, a hand-me-down from Big Booty Judy.
The shoes: Leather open-back slip-ons by Bacco Bucci from Last Chance.

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