This afternoon I was digging in the garage and came across a cache of about thirty 1.44MB floppy disks that, from the labels, I’ve been holding onto since I worked in Colorado — so, at least 1997, if not earlier.

Most of them appear to hold sound files; I had Ralph Wiggum clips from “The Simpsons,” so little phrases like “I bent my Wookkie!” could delight me as I turned on my machine at 4 a.m. to put out that afternoon’s newspaper. Other sound clips were from movies — “Vance!” on the disk pictured at left above is Pee-wee Herman shouting at his pig in “Big Top Pee-wee” — or samples of music. (The “We’re gonna kick some ass …” also above left is part of the intro to the Messiah cover of “I Feel Love.” It’s at 0:13 on the video below.)

One disk has Freehand elements on it — pieces I must have used when creating infographics back in the day, which present Sam sort of dreads seeing. How amateurish will they look now? Another disk is titled simply “Bad,” and I am  intrigued by this one most of all. Is it awful-bad — and if so, why did I save it? Is it dirty-bad — and if so, why did I save it at work?

The disks also are a concrete reminder of how fast technology advances.* For one thing, I don’t own a computer that even has a floppy-disk drive, so to access these files I’d need to buy a drive that connects via USB drive. And, speaking of USB drives … the crappy handout thumb drive I once got as part of a press kit can hold more than 177 times the memory of a floppy disk. This $9 thumb drive can hold 5,500-plus  disks’ worth of stuff.

At any rate, I’m going to ask our IT guys if we happen to have a floppy disk/USB drive at work. They’re only like $25, but I don’t think I’m $25 worth of invested in what’s on those disks. Even the “bad” one.

* I was in the garage searching for old electronics, working or not, to be recycled at an event my company is hosting Wednesday. I uncovered my six-CD-changer “boom box,” a nonworking DVR player and an awfully large old printer, but I must have already tossed my Dell inkjet printer and Sony Discman.

The shirt: McMurry-branded lightweight jersey short-sleeve pullover, which I wore because it was our monthly Showcase meeting, and when better to look like a corporate drone that when the entire company is gathered in one room to watch a series of PowerPoint presentations?
The pants: Gray boot-fit khakis from Banana Republic, San Tan Village.
The shoes: Snakeskin loafers by Taxto, from Last Chance.

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