Binging on purging

Yesterday morning, as I was relishing not having to get up to go to work, I caught a glimpse of the crowded stacks of T-shirts in my closet. “You have 14 different gray T-shirts,” I said out loud. “Do you really need that many?” (“No, but I like them all,” I thought.)

My friends Mike and Carey, perhaps inspired by moving about every six months, have a “game” they call 50 Things, which entails selecting 50 things in their house that they can get rid of or give away without regret. Yesterday, I played a narrower version of the game, focusing mostly on clothing.

Was it too big? Too small? Too “schmedium”? Too outdated? Some shirts hadn’t been worn in such a long time that the shoulders were dusty, which was a sign they were safe choices. Others, like the T-shirt at right, must have looked good in the store but I always found myself picking other shirts over them.

Probably the hardest cull was a favorite pair of boot-cut Seven for All Mankind cords that I had picked up at Last Chance for $10. They were the perfect wheat-y color, they were casual but work-friendly … but they also were a size or two too big in the waist, so I found myself constantly tugging them up as they meandered downward. “If you really miss them, you might be able to find them in your actual size,” I rationalized as I tossed them on the chair (they’re at the bottom of the pile in the photo that starts this post). Workout shorts, track pants, even colognes* … nothing was safe once I got started.

Well, almost nothing: Rather than start on long-sleeved tees and henleys, I  just put them in storage—for now. Come fall, when it’s time to pull them out again, I’m pretty sure I’ll be overdue for another game of 50 Things, anyway.

Clockwise from top left: Catchall box 1 (hi, Kindle!); whites; yellows/browns; reds; two stacks of jeans; khakis; grays; colognes; blues; catchall box 2 (hi, lip balms and dental membership cards!); greens.

And those gray tees? Apparently I really did like them all, because all 14 are still in the closet. But at least they’re stacked more orderly now, so it looks a lot better.

(Well, at least the closet with the folded stuff looks a lot better, as you can see. The closet next to it, with all the hanging clothing, needs more help. Maybe I’ll take a second pass at it later today.)

If I feel industrious, I’ll divide them into a “Buffalo Exchange contenders” stack (Abercrombie polos, slogan tees), a “Well Suited contenders” stack (Banana Republic dress shirt and Gant tie above, Barney’s Co-op flannel trousers) and a “charity” stack (everything else).  If I feel lazy, everything will go to Goodwill and at least it’ll be out of the house.

* Don’t fret, Semidiva D — the only cologne that fell victim was the Marc Jacobs for Men.

WHAT SAM WORE: 5-30-11
The shirt: V-neck tee by BdG, from Urban Outfitters.
The shorts: Washed-jersey shorts from H&M, Scottsdale Quarter.
The shoes: Samba sneakers by Adidas, from Sports Authority.

3 responses to “Binging on purging

  1. Wow, I don’t think I even own 50 articles of clothing (excluding socks & underwear, of course).

  2. Please come and do that to my closet 🙂

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