I see a pattern. Or six.

A few days ago at work we got an email declaring that today would be a challenge.

A sartorial challenge, to be exact: On Triple Pattern Thursday — a “Clash of the Tartans (and ginghams, stripes, prints, polka dots and other patterns),” as it was called — we were challenged to “combine at least three patterns in a single outfit. Greater respect will accrue to those add a fourth or even fifth pattern to the mix — in a stylish way, of course.”

SIX, people. (Yes, snakeskin counts as a pattern.) And as I told Marco this morning: “In either an incredible extra-credit move or an equally incredible handicap, no fewer than THREE of those patterns are blue plaids.” While there was no winner per se, I think I took it just for the aspect of sheer numbers alone.

We’re not sure when the next challenge will arise — when the very stylish glove will slap us across the face — but my co-worker Tamara hopes it involves red, white and blue for Flag Day.  I’m already planning.

(For the record: button-collar shirt from J. Crew Shirtings, from the outlet store at Anthem; tie by Joe Joseph Abboud, from Marshall’s; belt by Mezlan, from Last Chance; these trousers from Ben Sherman; socks by Ted Baker, a birthday gift from Big Booty Judy; and loafers by Taxto, also from Last Chance.)


2 responses to “I see a pattern. Or six.

  1. I give you extra credit for that picture alone.

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