Music for the machines, part deux

Back in the Get Out days, a lot of our lives were devoted to music — we had a writer covering the local scene, another on clubs, and even those of us who weren’t dedicated writing staffers chipped in on CD and concert previews and reviews. (Once when we couldn’t get an interview with Cher, I wrote a preview that may have listed things that were older than her.)

Even our down time had a musical component — at lunch we’d pile in editor Jess Harter’s Tahoe, the person in the passenger seat would plug in an iPod, and we’d play Name That Tune during the commute up and back.

And while we worked, we took turns selecting the discs that would be spinning away in the boom box stationed near the page designers. Thomas would pick guitar-based local bands or British jangle-pop; Kelly was a fan of bands like My Chemical Romance; Crystal opted for Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson; I was all over the board but usually erred on the pop/electronica side.

Which is how “Risotto” ended up pumping out of the speakers one day. By Track 7, “Amp” (audio sample here), one of the page designers finally shared her opinion: “This music makes me think that you’re secretly trying to get us to work faster,” she said. “Work faster! Work faster!

The leadoff track from “Risotto” — Volkswagen used its opening moments to great effect in a commercial that introduced the New Beetle* — kicks off my latest cardio playlist. Go faster!

Anytime over the next week, click this link to go to my public folder on Dropbox and download a .zip file with my SYNTH HEAVEN! mp3 playlist. (It’s free! It’s legal!) Here’s the lineup:

  1. “Absurd” by Fluke
  2.  “You Know Me Better” by Róisín Murphy (music video on YouTube here)
  3. “Remind Me (Someone Else’s Radio Remix” by Röyksopp (music video on YouTube here)
  4. “Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp (music video on YouTube here)
  5. “Runaway” by Ladytron (music video on YouTube here)
  6. “Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)” by Moby
  7. “Turn to Stone” by Electric Light Orchestra
  8. “Savage Sexteen” by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

I’ll keep the link active through Saturday, July 9. Enjoy! And look for a new one down the road, too.

* And remember this ad, which used “Little Fluffy Clouds” by The Orb? Or in a totally different mood, this one for the Cabrio with “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake?

WHAT SAM WORE: 6-29-11
The shirt: Spread-collar fitted dress shirt from Banana Republic.
(I bought this to wear on my first day of work at McMurry!)
The pants: Cotton trousers by Ted Baker, from the store in Soho, N.Y.
The shoes: Loafers by Rockport, from Nordstrom, Scottsdale Fashion Square.

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