30-Day Song Challenge, Day 26: A song you can play on an instrument

I will need to slightly recategorize this offering into: “A song you could play on an instrument, at 2/3 speed.”

As mentioned here, I took lessons for years, but it’s been more than a decade since I’ve touched a piano. The plan was for me to inherit my grandparents’ upright from 1900 — with real ivory keys! — but the idea of transporting an antique piano from Montana to Arizona was daunting, along with moving it up a flight of stairs to my top-floor apartment … so my sister Tina is its rightful guardian and owner now, while I finally tossed my sheet music when I moved in to Casa Flor in … 2006 ?

It’s kind of sad to think how good I was back then, considering I wasn’t even a freshman in high school when I stopped taking lessons. I mean, I was no musical genius, but as an eighth-grader I was tackling Beethoven sonatas for fun — starting out slow to master the keystrokes, then increasing the tempo as it became easier.

The other day the Moonlight Sonata came on my Sirius XM classical channel, and I drove around aimlessly until it was done so I could pretend to plunk away on the keyboard (using my steering wheel as a substitute, of course). I always had the first and second movements down at their proper tempos but never mastered the final one, maxing out around 2/3 speed.

Watching Wilhelm Kempff plow through it here makes me a little nostalgic, but the rational part of me knows that even if I had carted the piano with me from place to place, there’s no way that my halfhearted dabbling would have led to this mastery anything like this.  It’s still nice to imagine, though.

The shirt: “South Austin Cock Fight” T-shirt, a birthday gift from my friend Sharyn.
The shorts: Workout shorts by Champion, from Sports Authority.
The shoes: Running shoees by Nike, from the factory outlet store at Anthem.

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