Dropbox playlist: Heavy pedal

Click on image to see the bumper sticker on CafePress.

A few weeks ago, David Monkeyclock and I were debating the theme of the next downloadable playlist. I’d already thought of the title “Heavy Pedal,” for music that should only be played when you’re driving fast, but was stuck on the angle.

For me, two types of music are made for driving fast:

  • Aggressive and insistent, which leaves you frustrated when you’re stuck behind a slow driver. (“Come on, move over!”) The sort of music you should never listen to during rush hour, unless you want your blood to boil.
  • Lighter and friendlier — music that helps you enjoy the open road, instead of insisting that you press down the pedal further. On road trips to San Diego when the westbound lanes suddenly end up on the left side of the eastbound lane and I’m wending through the hills, I like to be more “This is an awesome way to enjoy the drive” and less “Aargh! Must go faster!

David won, with the argument that anything earning the Heavy Pedal brand should be “out of my way, goddammit” aggro.

Clicking this link starts the download of a folder with all 14 songs in the playlist, in MP3 form. It’ll be active through next Saturday, Aug. 15.

There’s not a lot of metal; most of the songs are on the heavy-’lectro side, if anything. But I think all of them incite speedfulness, to coin a phrase — and that includes pure pop like “Baditude.”*  And, heck, the Pet Shop Boys track even includes tire squeals thoughout to get the point across. (It’s a warmup track. That’s why it’s first.)

*  YouTube link above thoughtfully begins the song at the point where everything is starting to build.

  1. “One More Chance” by Pet Shop Boys
  2. “Instruments of Darkness (The Prodigy Mix)” by Art of Noise
  3. “All That I Need Is to Be Loved” by Moby
  4. “Tricky Kid” by Tricky
  5. “Dragula” by Rob Zombie
  6. “One Time Too Many” by PJ Harvey
  7. “Crazy for You” by Designer Drugs (featuring Annie)
  8. “Push Upstairs” by Underworld
  9. “Baditude (Radio Edit)” by Spoon, Harris & Obernik
  10.  “Who’s Your Daddy? (Sfaction Remix Radio Edit)” by Benny Benassi
  11. “Sex Drive (Hard Drive Mix)” by Grace Jones
  12. “Good Luck” by Basement Jaxx (featuring Lisa Kekaula)
  13. “Jetsetter” by Morningwood
  14. “Reeferendrum” by Fluke

So, enjoy. And drive safe out there!

The shirt: University of Montana T-shirt by UnderArmour, a gift from my sister Tammy.
The shorts: Mesh shorts by Adidas, from Sports Authority.
The shoes: Samba sneakers by Adidas, from Sports Authority.

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