Vote: Help Sam pick his new glasses!

The pair that started it all: Warby Parker “Winston” glasses.

I hardly ever wear my glasses. Usually only first thing in the morning, on the way from the bedroom to the bathroom, where putting in my contact lenses is the first item on the agenda, and then right before I go to bed at night. Five minutes, maximum, each day.

On my most recent trip to my eye doctor, she pointed out that even soft contact lenses impede the eye’s ability to take in oxygen, and suggested that I wear glasses at least an hour a day to give them my eyes a little breathing room, so to speak.

As luck would have it, I had just discovered Warby Parker, an eyewear company that’s cool in about a dozen different ways, including:

  • Its collection of vintage-inspired frames is pretty amazing.
  • The glasses — frames and lenses — are only $89.
  • For every pair of glasses sold, the company donates a pair to someone in need.
  • The website has a virtual try-on tool: snap a photo with your webcam (or upload one), then impose the glasses frames on your face to see how they’d look.

I especially like the home try-on program: Select any five frames, and Warby Parker ships them to you free for five days. (And gives you a postage-paid label for the return shipping, too.) So you can take them to work, show friends, etc., and get their opinions.

Which I’m about to do: I ordered five, and have already whittled down the choices to three. Ready to help me decide? (If you want to see the photo bigger, click on the thumbnail to bring it up in a new window.)

1. Winston 2. Crosby 3. Larkin

I already have a pair of big black square glasses, so I opted for rounder shapes and lighter colors.  I really like the color of the Winston, but wish it fitted my face better — if it were like 5% bigger it would be perfect.  Time for your vote!


WHAT SAM WORE (to the gym): 8-20-11
The shirt: V-neck T-shirt, from Gap.
The shorts: Cotton sweat shorts, from Old Navy.
The shoes: Sneakers by Adidas, from Sports Authority.

One response to “Vote: Help Sam pick his new glasses!

  1. 1) You look happier in The Winston frame. 2) I named my parent’s boxer puppy by the same name. 3) A beautiful man came up to me wearing those frames while I was at the Denver Nordstrom over the weekend and asked me how I was doing. Did I mention he was gorgeous? Looking forward to seeing Thomas deliver the box to your desk!

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