Nobody cares what you’re wearing.

Or at least what I’m wearing, anyway.

These are pretty noticeable pants, right? Curry-colored corduroy jeans. I wore them EVERY DAY THIS WEEK and nobody noticed.

It started about a month ago, when I was lazy and wore the same pair of khaki pants two days in a row. Then, on a whim, I wore them all week to see if anyone would notice. David Monkeyclock mocked me for thinking people would notice khaki pants, so I took it a step further — the next week I wore the same pair of jeans all week. Nobody noticed.

The next week I ramped it up slightly — I wore a different, more unique, pair of jeans with pocket detailing and noticeable distressing all week. Nobody noticed. So this week, I decided to pull out an unmistakeable pair of pants and try one last time. (I even posted them every day on the blog — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.)

I’m going to give myself some probably undue credit and say that because I mixed everything else up each day — shirts, shoes, belts, glasses — maybe people just noticed the overall look and not the components. Tuesday was an especially big compliment day, which made me think that surely those people would recognize the same pants the next day.

“Maybe people think you’re just poor and everything else needs to be washed,” said Work Wife. And it’s not like we work at Vogue, where I imagine every outfit is subject to scrutiny. But it still made me wonder whether it’s worth the effort we put into (or at least I put into) getting dressed every day. ….

WHAT SAM WORE: 9-23-11
The shirt: Long-sleeved button-down, from the Gap outlet store in Anthem.
The pants: Corduroy jeans from Uniqlo, New York.
The shoes: Suede chukka boots by RJ Colt, from Last Chance.

One response to “Nobody cares what you’re wearing.

  1. The notable event here is that you chose to wear corduroy jeans when it is still 110˚ outside.

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