Pomp without circumstance

What he said:

What he made:

Shopping Totem by David Welch.
Click image to buy at 20×200.

Milieu. Assemblages. Totems. Precarious externalizations. Symbolic mirrors. Contemplative gaze. That paragraph is, I think, why I so thoroughly enjoyed watching the artists cry when their pieces were critiqued—on merit alone—on “Work of Art.” (Click You Can’t Spell Tears without ART to watch Kathryn have one of her two sobfests.)

By the way, this interactive tutorial on Marcel Duchamp is fun and informative. Andrew Stafford did an amazing job; work like this makes me more than a bit envious of creative talent and energy.

And, for the record, here’s his statement about the site—crisp, concise and utterly lovely:

(Since it’s a screen grab, the “Go” above doesn’t work. But this one does: Go.

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-19-11
The shirt: Dark gray long-sleeved waffle-weave T-shirt, from Old Navy.
The pants: Track pants by Prada, from Saks Fifth Avenue, New York.
The shoes: Running shoes by Nike, from the outlet store in Anthem.

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